Tempus - Smart Watch Artwork - Android

Stand Out From The Crowd

Have you ever thought how boring most smart watches look?

Well now you can join a new era in digital art and timekeeping with our brand new Tempus smart watch artworks that use our signature patterns of building light to represent time over a 12 time period.

Officially Launched at the very first British Watchmakers' Day and featured on the world famous Scottish Watches Podcast, and on Time Keeper by Europastar.com

Available to download now in three stunning colour variations. Get yours today via our Goggle play store page at the link below.

Currently at the early bird price of $19.99

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As with our luxurious wall clock artworks we use the beauty of formations familiar to the automotive and aviation universe, such as the wheel design on modern sports cars and propellor formations found in jet engine intakes.

60 seconds build on the outer ring in a continuous dance until the next minute on the middle ring illuminates and then the cycle continues until all 60 minutes are lit and the next hour illuminates in the central arrangement.

Let light guide your day.

The Art in Smart Watch

Putting the Art into your SmART watch.

Bringing the art of time keeping through light to your wrist.

Introducing the first Tempus artwork collection by award winning lighting artist and designer Ben Rousseau.

Taking inspiration from our large scale, kinetic artworks that are changing our experience with time.

Available in Aqua, Red, Pink currently to download via the google play store.

Time Redesigned.

Click below to download to your android smart phone or android smart watch.

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