Tempus - Obsidian Edition

About This Edition

Obsidian is a beautiful kinetic art piece that functions as a real time clock, for use in both residential and commercial spaces. The beauty of its surroundings are reflected in its surface, giving a sense of depth and elegance to it’s environment.

Obsidian has been around since the beginning of time and has been used in trading by the Mayans since 100 B.C with a perceived value being higher than gold. It is also believed to act as a protective shield against negative energies and as with this Tempus incarnation, looks to relieve stress with its calming patterns of building light.

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Designed to be used in place of a statement piece of modern art Tempus offers the functionality of a real time clock but in a way that helps calm and entertain the user.

Deliberately created without traditional hands or numbers Tempus invites us to enjoying the calming dance of beautiful light.

At the press of a button Tempus can change colour and pattern to adjust to our mood requirements.

Currently being tested with Brunel University to certify the relaxing benefits of our light patterns for use in luxury Spa's and wellness spaces.


  • Tempus RGB Light engine for full colour spectrum programming to suit every space requirement.

  • 15 pre set colour patterns.

  • Connection to Tempus control app for personalisation of light colours / patterns and selecting time zone.

  • Available for use with Apple iOS and Android.

Materials: Mirror, grained black aluminium frame, acrylic, LED.

Size: 710 mm diameter x 45mm (frame), + 30mm wall bracket.

Weight: 12kg ( 18kg with packaging )

Made: UK with Italian made PCB and USA made LED's.

Availability: 1 - 6 weeks depending on stock.

Price: £7749.99 inc VAT and delivery.

To book a demonstration on Zoom or in person, or to submit requests about custom options please get in touch.

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